Hey STNs


If any student nurses on here fancy writing a blog for the Britain’s Nurses website or want they’re blog promoted on Facebook or Twitter contact me for details :) x

We are interested in hearing from anyone no matter what country you are from as long as the post is written in English :)

I would be interested! What kind of things do you want written about??? I am from Australia :)


Out of Orientation


I get out of orientation on Monday. I am nervous. I am trying to give this over to God by my talons are wrenched in this worry deeply.

Were all you other nurses terrified to get out of orientation?

I know I can do this I’m just also scared.
My preceptor said I seemed timid still and that makes sense to me. I am newer to the ICU. I just want to be perfect and I know I cannot be.

I think my confidence comes with time but I’m also nervous.

Its so normal to be scared! I think its a good thing, nerves mean you’re conscious of both the monumental task of taking care of another human being and how your actions impact them. 
I was so nervous before I started in ICU that I didn’t eat a proper meal for 3 days before I started. I was so nervous that I could barely say the word stethoscope let alone use one! I was so nervous that I realised that I had to use my nerves for good. And thats when confidence comes, when you’re nervous about titrating a norad line but you have the knowledge to know how, why and when you should, would and could do it, and the impact of your incredible clinical and pharmacological knowledge is that the patients numbers improve. 
You’ve got this. God wouldn’t have given you this amazing dream job if He didn’t think you could handle it. 


Broken Property:


I was wondering what kind of policies are in place in most hospitals to secure nurse/staff property. Say they invested in an expensive stethoscope and a patient broke it on purpose due to aggression, what would happen?

Would the patient be charge the cost of the equipment, or would it be the hospital or nurses responsibility?

Once, I was attacked by a patient. He sundowned and believed we were all Korean soldiers trying to take his house. He lifted an obs machine above his head and threw it at me and it smashed into many pieces. After he finally calmed down (This was not all he did, he caused a lot of damage) we were able to restrain him and whatnot, we informed the ADON and they told us that the family would be paying for it. Another time a patient smashed a window (on level 8) with a oxygen cylinder and attempted to jump out and that patient was deemed responsible for the damages. 

Thats my experience anyway, but I am sure different places do it differently. As for injuries to the nurses, that was all covered by workers comp.